Meeting's History

The International Meeting of Athletics "Papaflessia" consists a significant sport and cultural institution. "Papaflessia" takes place every year in Kalamata, Greece. The "Papaflessia" International Meeting is classified to EAA's competition calendar. Messianiakos Athletics Club and the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Kalamata are the main Meeting's organizers. Under a widen cooperation among significant organizations like Prefecture of Messinia, National Athletics Federation (S.E.G.A.S.), T.E.D.K. of Messinia and Ministry of Sports, "Papaflessia" are characterized as a meeting of high standards in which significant athletics performances have been accomplished.

The meeting is named after the Greek hero of Revolution War in 1821, "Papaflessas". The first meeting organized in 1954. "Papaflessia" run until 1968. At this period, "Papaflessia" were hosted in the historical venue of Messiniakos A.C. The meeting didn't take place from 1968 until 1983. The year 1984 is a landmark for "Papaflessia". It is the meeting's revival. Until 1995 "Papaflessia" meeting was characterized by the participation of athletes from the local and the surrounding area. The following years many international top athletes compete to "Papaflessia" International Meeting. Many of them have won medals to Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

Greek Athletes

Foreign Athletes

Kostas Kenteris

Stefka Kostadinova

Aikaterini Thanou

Tereza Marinova

Voula Tsiamita

Elena Yelesina

Olga Vasdeki

Sergey Klyugin

Niki Bakogianni

Kevin Young

Aggelos Pavlakakis

Yanina Korolchik

Aikaterini Koffa

Maria Mutola

Lampros Papakostas

Heike Dresler

Niki Ksanthou

Darren Campbell

Haris Papadias

Dennis Kapustin

Tasoula Kelesidou

John Regis

Kostas Gkatsioudis

Dragan Peric

Fani Chalkia

Vanya Stambolova

"Papaflessia" are considered as a very significant meeting in Europe. They are promoting to Greece and Europe through live television coverage.

From 1984, the meeting takes place in the Municipal Stadium of Kalamata.